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Redlands perform classic rock and R&B covers from the 60’s and beyond, and also write and perform fantastic original material. With a back line of two guitars (Tony and Jim), bass (Howard) and drums (Paul) they are fronted by two fabulous female vocalists (Liz and Tara). Their superb harmonies deliver rocking versions of Ike & Tina Turner and Alannah Myles songs and deliver extra soul and texture to tracks from the Stones, Kinks, Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Dr Feelgood. Their self-penned numbers have a rock edge and are fast gaining popularity among Redlands’ audiences and followers.

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Maverick Social Club

Maverick Social Club are a four-piece indie rock band from all over London. Formed in 2015 they play shows that mix reimagined versions of their favourite songs alongside their own tunes to lift your mood and get you dancing the night away. So forget for a few minutes the other band you came to see and lose yourself in their world.

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Brace Yourself

A West London-based band have had an amazing brush with one of the UK’s most celebrated artists. The band have been playing covers in West London since 2006 under the name Exit Through the Gift Shop – a name, which, by coincidence, Banksy chose as the name of his recent film.

Brace Yourself are a 5 piece, London based, covers band with years of experience playing pubs, clubs, weddings and functions. From Chic to Sheeran…

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Love My Crime

Female fronted, London based, rock powerhouse.

Formed back in 2007, Dan, Rob and Mark had only rehearsed a handful of times before Emma knocked on the practice room door and said I’ve been listening through the wall, and I think I’m your new singer!

Emma’s vocals can range from soft and angelic to full on Screamo!

Heavy yet melodic tracks with catchy hooks, thoughtful lyrics and their trademark epic choruses.

LMC are a hard-hitting live band with original material and an addictive energy surrounding them.

Mark moved from London to Cumbria a few years back, so we are very much looking forward to dusting off the amps and playing in London for RPI!

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Plus a special guest…