Fuelled by chocolate hob nobs on the hottest day of the year, three Gemservers travelled in a van with no air conditioning and headed south. Where were we going? Well, it was us in a van to meet Us in a Bus, one of    Gemserv’s chosen charities.

What were we doing? Well, Gemserv underwent an office move not too long ago and due to our growth, our space restraints meant that we no longer had use for some of our furniture. Given the needs of the charity we made the decision to donate items including laptops, pebble chairs and storage items.

Our donations mean that the vital funds can continue to be directed to help people who are often isolated and who find communicating with the world (and the people in it) a huge challenge. The work Us in a Bus does includes getting to know clients , normally one to one in their homes. Their specialist approach enables the practitioners to build connections, which give the people they support opportunities to feel heard and valued. It is something we all need and that most of us take for granted.

At Gemserv we are passionate about encouraging our staff to become actively involved with volunteering and we provide dedicated volunteering days to all staff to give something back.

The team had a great time and even small acts can go a long way in improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. The team at Us in a Bus were very appreciative of the donations and we will continue to work with them and support how we can.

You can learn more about Us In a Bus and the work that they do by visiting their website –www.usinabus.org.uk.

Those involved included:

Van Drivers: Jennifer Dalby, Terry Akers, David Hiller

Removals: Saadat Wahid, Alex Tear, Michael Kroustis, Tambien Cummings & Gary Bilton

Us in a Bus: Victoria Goody and Rebecca Bush


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