Gemserv is an expert provider of professional services enabling the energy market transformation and data revolution.  We are passionate about what we do, from national schemes that have enabled nearly one million installations of domestic solar panels in the UK to protecting lives and assets in Qatar through our business continuity work.  Our experts are leaders in their respective fields and use insight and collaboration to make an impact through our projects and contracts that in turn defines who we are.

Looking forward we are investing in our people and our services to continue to enable the energy market transform through digitalisation and ensure that the data revolution works for everyone’s benefit.

Company Values.

We believe that a big part of our growth is down to our strategy and we focus on the way we work through a clear set of core values and behaviours. These guiding principles shape how our people work collaboratively with colleagues and clients and how they share their insight to impact successful outcomes.

Our Vision.

To ensure that complex markets work for everyone’s

Our Mission.

To make markets work – effectively, securely and with integrity

Our Values.


Our Latest Insights.

Our work means different things to different clients and we wanted to share some details of the projects we have managed to give you an insight into our capabilities and the impact we have delivered as a business.


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