Are we ready for Digital Transformation?

In 2016 Harvard Business Review reported failure rates for Digital Transformation at running between 66% and 84%.

These rates are generally accepted and often quoted regarding Digital Transformation and the approach to take. Failure to effectively implement a transformation programme is not new following the advent of digitally driven change, it has happened before with technology driven change, computerisation, and, we suspect, even the introduction of the steam engine.

What does the term Digital Transformation actually mean?

The development of the Internet started to change how business was conducted and this accelerated into the consumer market when Apple introduced the first covetable smart phone. Since then the consumer market has been driving the way that businesses work. Services that are always on, and always available through a device that everyone carries, has become the norm. This has changed not just the technology, but the way services are delivered. High speed internet has made the move from ownership to subscription for music, films and books viable, and they have now become the standard ways of consumption, across many different channels, from traditional downloads onto computers, through smart phones and increasing through smart home devices such as Alexa.

At the Infosecurity Europe 2019 conference we decided to conduct a survey about the current state of readiness for Digital Transformation across industries. The results showed significant differences in how companies are approaching Digital Transformation, how they see it as part of their service and how they are changing internally for the challenges ahead.

With the information gathered at Infosecurity Europe 2019, we have produced a research paper. To access this paper, simply click on the button below.

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