EVGF Roundtable – It is important to talk

Gemserv hosted a roundtable discussion for a diverse group of stakeholders on January 27, 2020. The discussion focused on what must be done to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and support the government in achieving NetZero as a coordinated industry effort. Trevor Hutchings, Director of Strategy, outlined Gemserv’s vision to empower industry to walk the path of transition to a future where electric vehicles are the norm in a sustainable, commercially viable approach to clean transport.

Joachim Brandt, Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, gave an overview of the current EV market and shaped the challenge to achieve the future vision for electric vehicles. The task is monumental and requires industry to work together, in a cross-sectorial manner, in order to move at pace and deliver the societal benefits citizens expect as part of a prosperous, low carbon economy.

While it is important to discuss, powerful tools for the industry to use to deliver proposals like the recently published report by the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce. Gemserv previewed its Electric Vehicle Governance Framework (EVGF) digital platform as a methodology to drive market participants engagement across industry sectors in an outcome-focused, digitally enabled way delivering tangible benefits fairly and robustly to the market as a whole.

It is Gemserv’s ambition to deliver the tools that speed decision making by which the industry can action the changes towards clean transport. Our wish is to help shape the consensus on industry-led market rules needed for the industry to deliver new products and services at a scale that are wanted by the consumer, fit for purpose in the UK and globally.

A panel discussion with Philip New, CEO of the Energy System Catapult and chair of the recently concluded Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce, Matt Vickers, CEO of Ombudsman Services, Rajni Nair representing Citizens Advice and Joachim Brandt from Gemserv reflected on the need of governance. It was a common view that the industry has to step up to lead and deliver NetZero that works for everyone and is supported by the consumer. As it was put by one of the panelists, the world is on fire and we must act.

Credit to the participants of the roundtable event who engaged in a thought-provoking, open, no holds barred discussion on the failures in the EV market, the pains, and barriers to make the transition to EVs happen and the need of some form of governance to speed the transition to EVs.

It was Gemserv’s pleasure to host the event as part of our commitment to putting action into the transition to electric vehicles, and we are sincerely grateful to all who participated.

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