Evolution of ECOES: A major revolution for the Electricity industry’

In 2018, Master Registration Agreement Service Company (MRASCo) undertook a large-scale project to update and improve the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES), one of the cornerstones of the electricity industry. ECOES is the central system used in the Electricity industry to facilitate the switching of Customers between Suppliers. It holds a plethora of data and the transition from the old system to the new was a major project for the electricity industry spanning almost 15 months.

So why is it important?

The Master Registration Agreement (MRA), administered by Gemserv, is an industry-wide agreement which provides the governance mechanism to manage the processes between electricity suppliers and distribution companies ,enabling electricity suppliers to transfer customers. These customers are us – the everyday consumers of energy, be it a company or a person who has an electricity meter. ECOES forms the information hub for these electricity meters, hosting millions of meter points within its system.

MRASCo administers ECOES, a service funded by electricity suppliers and distributors and governed under the Master Registration Agreement (MRA). It is designed to assist Suppliers in the process of transferring customers by allowing them to transfer data in an easier way. In simpler terms, when you change your energy provider, the suppliers use ECOES to transfer the necessary data to implement your switch.

Goodbye ECOES1, Hello ECOES2!

The MRA created a new version of the service in order to incorporate a better, more intuitive interface for the users, and update the system according to the industry’s changing requirements.

At Gemserv, we felt that we couldn’t let ECOES1 go into retirement without highlighting some of the systems greatest achievements over its long history.

Since ECOES was launched 16 years ago (that’s an incredible 5,902 days), it has served over 356 million searches (356,597,058 to be precise) and revolutionised the energy industry, making metering information accessible anytime, anywhere through its web portal, something only accessible through a cumbersome mainframe prior to this. ECOES has continued to be at the front of industry innovation – in 2018, Price Comparison websites were given access to the interface. This provided them with bespoke information through an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows them to manually search for data. Innovation continued into the Autumn of 2018, with MRA Parties being given their own API versions of ECOES, resulting in a more personalised functionality. The system has touched almost every process across every company in the sector.

While MRASCo has said goodbye to an old friend, you’ll be pleased to know that it has now been superseded by ECOES2. ECOES users were transferred to the new service via a phased implementation of its 40,000 users at midnight on 3rd December 2018. ECOES2 provides greater functionality, an improved look and more freedom for allowing individuals to decide how they want to view search results. It’s a versatile system which can be adapted when needs arise, which is especially important in the advent of industry change.

ECOES2 will have equal, if not more, success and impact across the electricity industry and will help the industry manage both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the MRASCo team on the successful implementation of the new system, in what was a long and complicated process to ensure that the transition to the new system did not impact their clients.

To find out more information about MRASCO, the MRA or ECOES you can visit our website.

Link: MRASCo website


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