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Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Climate Change Act, 15th to 21st October was the first Green Great Britain Week (GGBW), led by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). With numerous activities and live events planned across the country, it aimed at bringing together different businesses, universities and communities to showcase UK’s leadership on clean growth, as well as to discuss the challenges that still need to be solved.

We, at Gemserv, are passionate about making a positive, long-term and sustainable contribution and participated in many GGBW events including the Solar & Storage Live, the largest solar and energy storage trade exhibition in UK. It was held as a part of the Green GB Week during 16th to 18th October. The event brought together key players from the sectors of solar, storage, electric vehicles and other emerging technologies. With a conference agenda full of talks by national and international solar PV, storage and EV experts, the conferences covered various key topics to support the transition to decentralised energy in the UK and worldwide. Some of the main topics covered were:

  • The impact of policy and regulations on solar, storage and EV
  • Innovative new technologies
  • Business models and different revenue streams for storage
  • The changing energy markets and impact of Brexit
  • The rollout of battery storage and integration of EVs with the electricity grid
  • Finance and investments for solar and storage

Gemserv is delighted to have partnered with Solar & Storage Live and gave a talk about the importance of governance and regulations in accelerating innovation in the UK EV and storage markets.

The future of mobility is electric. Renewable generation, such as solar, in conjunction with battery storage and EVs could enable a seamlessly integrated and smart energy system of the future.

So, what can be done to address the various challenges and accelerate the uptake of EVs?

We believe that multi-industry collaboration to jointly develop a holistic solution is crucial. This maps back to our Electric Vehicle Workshop Series, in partnership with Energy UK, to enable cross-sector collaboration and jointly develop solutions for an efficient EV infrastructure roll-out.

We envisage an industry-led EV governance framework (EVGF) to address the challenges while providing greater flexibility to change and adapt with the evolving EV landscape. The industry is in early development. It is evolving in unforeseen ways and is significantly different from the conventional fossil fuel infrastructure which dominates today. Adaptable and responsive governance arrangements, which support innovation, are therefore essential.

Gemserv will be launching a consultation on the EVGF to obtain the wider industry input for developing an agile and flexible EVGF. Following two successful workshops, we will also be holding a third workshop on 27th November, prior to the consultation launch, to further develop an industry-led governance framework to accelerate the EV uptake in the UK.

If you are interested in attending our workshops or learning more about our initiatives, please email:

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