IT Apprenticeship – Manuel Diogo

In a world driven by technology, it is important businesses continue to adapt and grow with ever changing advancements. Here at Gemserv, we strive to stay up to date with the latest developments in business technology; making our Information Technology (IT) team an integral part of the company.

After completing A-levels, Manuel Diogo, was presented with the decision to continue education at university or pursue a role in IT. However a third option was available. This lead him to accepting an apprenticeship with Gemserv.

“Personally, I have always learnt better through experience. Therefore, an apprenticeship which focuses on work experience without missing out on theoretical education enticed me.”

“One of the factors that drew me to Gemserv was that the company is at the forefront of technology. This would enable me to learn a lot more than just the basics of my job and give me a chance to work with the latest top of the range equipment.”

At Gemserv we encourage our employees to take every opportunity to further develop their learning, underpinned by our Investors in People (IIP) Gold Standard accreditation. This accreditation starts from the very first interview and continues throughout the employee’s time with the company.

The interview and induction process can be daunting for anyone looking for work, especially for those starting their first job. Manuel speaks about his experience during this process as being ‘relaxed’. He added, “Once I started, my overall understanding of the business was further improved through inductions. I was informed on policies, benefits and I even got to meet with the CEO to ask questions!”

“I have developed many valuable skills during my time at Gemserv. Not only in my ability to do my job, like work independently and to deadlines, but people skills as well.”

At Gemserv we encourage nurturing of ‘home grown’ talent by supporting the learning process and encouraging personal and professional growth.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Gemserv, please visit our vacancies page for current opportunities or contact HR at

And some final advice from Manuel for anyone looking to start an apprenticeship: “Take on every challenge you encounter head-on. Learn as much as you can and have fun whilst doing it!”

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