Meatloaf and the Connected Home

[I want you…]

The connected home is stagnating, why is this? Is it because it currently only appeals to early adopters? Is it the privacy concerns? Or, other than in a few use cases, has the killer app failed to materialise. The truth is I don’t know, which is OK because it isn’t the main point of this blog. The main point of this blog is to highlight what is likely to be coming to a connected home near you in the very near future, and unlike consumer Internet of Things (IoT), which is primarily driven by want, services driven by a need to meet the very real challenges we face today .

[I need you…]

We will see adoption accelerated not by wants but by needs. I can personally live without a connected voice assistant (which is strange for someone who lives and breathes IoT), however that is my personal choice; I don’t need a voice assistant and therefore I don’t want one; but as the IoT matures and starts to flex its potential to meet real world challenges then the appeal will grow, and once the IoT can show it meets a need the want will follow.

For example we need to address climate change and we need to act quickly, and Smart Meters are the first wide scale introduction of connected technology into the home driven by need, they provide the vital first step to a more energy efficient smart grid; And once in place can generate data to support other services like domestic demand side response and local generation.

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Meatloaf and the Connected Home

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