Nobody Puts IoT Security in the Corner

Interesting times in the IOT world, despite the clamour of an almost nonstop wave of innovation and a rush to market, the quiet, concerned-looking group in the corner are finally starting to raise their voices, and words like “safety” and “security” can just about be heard over the din.

And there have been some interesting recent developments to back this up:

  • At the Tech UK DCMS (Dept of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) roundtable it was announced that the secure by design code of practice will be used as a baseline for ETSI to develop a security standard for “consumer” IoT. This combined with the increased activity in the EU and US shows that IoT security is starting to be taken seriously as the scope of the issue sinks in.
  • A large number of Mobile operators such as AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, and Vodafone (among many others), have committed to adopt the GSMA best practice guidelines for IoT; and
  • BAE Systems, Vodafone and Ceylon launched The Intelligence Network, which is described as “a series of commitments that will bring about critical changes in leadership, culture, behaviour and processes to tackle the evolving threat posed by cybercrime”

Could the IoT soon have an agreed upon minimum baseline for security? The quiet group in the corner are starting to gain a sense of (embryonic) cautious optimism.

From phone freaks to Facebook technology has always been open to abuse, so, if you innovate in the digital world (which is a term that covers just about everything these days) please innovate responsibly. Design systems with “safety” and “security” in mind from the start and protect your data. In a world where anything can communicate with anything else, and data is king, keeping it secure is vital to any business.


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