Reset to Step Zero

How do you build a world class product? By understanding the demand. A demand to build a top class product is to help your customers drive efficiencies, derive better insights, generate revenue and maintain quality. All these in turn help you achieve increased brand assurance and eventually helps everyone to see the value in emerging technologies.

So how do you get there? By starting to ask the right questions. With the need to develop a compelling and competitive unique selling point, managing and resolving conflicting priorities, developing and maintaining pace of innovation and finding and retaining talent, it’s getting harder than ever in this era of technological development to thrive. Asking the right questions has become not just essential, but even more important and that takes us to Step Zero, which is to align your product to the overarching goals and understand its true potential impact.

What should those overarching goals be?

As humanity pushes the boundaries and closes the gaps between the analog and digital world, the need to guarantee security, safety and privacy have become the pivotal goals of a digitalised future. Weaving in these principle goals, along with the functional benefits of your product, increases customer adoption, promotes confidence and helps define expectations within the industry.

Understanding the potential

You need to examine your solution’s strengths and measure them against its potential impact. Knowing your product’s or service’s strengths means identifying its weaknesses. Getting a baseline view of your product’s strengths and weaknesses helps you correlate their impact on its goals and set you up to remediate challenges early.

If you are a manufacturer or service provider, you have already identified the demand, but building a useful, resilient and robust product needs more than just time, money or resources ,but it also needs you to pause and reset to Step Zero – keeping the goals in mind, measuring your product’s strengths and weaknesses and then prioritising your actions to achieve its stated objectives.

By doing so, you will be well on your way to taking your product or service from good to world class.


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