The Need for Speed in the UK EV Industry

Gemserv and Energy UK Host Second EV Workshop

On Monday 17th September, 31 representatives from across the EV value chain, including BEIS, OLEV, Citizens Advice, energy, manufacturing, digital and innovation came together at Gemserv, to discuss the need for a UK industry-wide governance framework.

The uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) is projected to grow exponentially in the UK over the next few years, driven by legal obligations to meet air quality regulations, climate change targets and government’s targets for zero emissions vehicles.

Yet, despite government incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles and the installation of charging infrastructure, the market is slow to up scale, with the sales of diesel and petrol cars still dominating the market.

Look at it this way, for the UK to emerge as a leader in a low-carbon growth economy, 320 billion miles travel on UK roads every year need to be electrified with customers embracing low carbon transport urgently. Certainly, the government’s ongoing commitment to decarbonise road transport has kick started our journey on the Road to Zero but…

What can be done to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and is the UK at risk to miss out on a global market opportunity?

To start this discussion at our workshop, Matthew Evans from TechUK presented on learnings from the broadband and mobile roll-outs, discussing the parallels between the EV roll-out. Rubina Singh from Gemserv then went on to present our analysis of the EV landscape and the groups, bodies and taskforces that concern themselves with different aspects of the EV (charging infrastructure) roll-out. She also introduced the strawman of the EV Governance Framework we developed in our first EV Workshop in June. Joachim Brandt, Gemserv’s Smart Energy and Electric Vehicles Lead, brought the EV Governance Framework to life with some scenarios in which the Governance Framework could offer a solution.

During discussions, 4 areas were identified to be key to an industry led governance framework in the workshop, jointly hosted by Gemserv and Energy UK:

1.      Efficient charging infrastructure deployment and service delivery.

2.      A holistic approach to smart charging to increase grid flexibility and renewable energy sources.

3.      Standards for customer service and protection.

4.      Coordination and collaboration between market actors.

Following the plenary session, views in the workshop were converging on a governance framework led by industry – likely to be a key enabler for upscaling the EV market place in the UK. Gemserv has been tasked to develop an industry wide consultation to facilitate an evidence based, cross-industry supported approach.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the workshop and for your contributions. If you would like to continue conversations had on the day, please email We look forward to hosting our 3rd EV Workshop soon, so keep an eye on our website for more information or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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