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We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the Clean Transport revolution for all market actors. 

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Electric Vehicle Governance Framework (EVGF):

Industry Empowering the Transition to Electric Vehicles

The uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) needs to significantly accelerate for the UK to fulfil its responsibility in meeting air quality regulations and climate change obligations. The UK government has further enforced this view passing the net zero emissions law requiring the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 in the hope for more countries to follow by example.

The challenges market participants face are immense, difficult and span across multiple market segments. Collaborative and sustained action by the market and for the market is critical to deliver a swift and viable transition to electric vehicles.

Gemserv is working with a wide range of organisations to drive coordinated, evidence-based change that will deliver government targets in a commercially viable and sustainable way; a pre-requisite for creating a prosperous and desirable future for everyone.

We call on all organisations, governments and local authorities to join us and contribute in the creation of an Electric Vehicle Governance Framework (EVGF) that delivers informed decision making, governance to shape the market digitally empowered to everyone.

Our cross sectorial engagement with many organisations has reaffirmed the view that an Electric Vehicle Governance Framework (EVGF) is urgently needed to face the monumental challenges and navigate the critical junctures of change in a timely manner.

The EVGF will be inclusive to all transport modes and supporting systems from complex dense urban cities to long distance travel in culturally diverse industries, local and international markets.

We aim to empower industry and innovators to take the lead to deliver robust market governance with clear accountabilities to maximise economic growth, sustainable environmental stewardship and socio-economic cohesion among all market participants as we transition to electric vehicles.


We have developed an infographic to help breakdown key aspects of the EVGF and the vision we have for this collaborative industry approach to governance.



We would like to thank our supporters for their continued engagement and commitment to our EV work. We work with a wide range of market participants, if you want to join the list of formal supporters please get in touch by emailing



Our consultation on the industry-led EVGF has closed and our team is now working on analysing the responses received.

As part of this work we will be producing and publishing a summary of responses, detailing how the information provided will be feeding into the development of the EVGF.

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Clean Transport

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An Industry Initiative to Accelerate the Transition to

Low Carbon Transport for Business and Consumers

We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution for all market actors. The public policy benefits of EVs – whether that’s cleaner air, reduced climate changing emissions, or a smarter electricity system – are at risk without further intervention in the market.

That’s the conclusion of three workshops comprising over 30 organisations from across the EV value chain.