Cyber Security

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Proactive approach to protection:

The risks posed by the growing scale and sophistication of cyber security breaches continue to rise.

The immediate consequences of at attack in terms of issues such as customer privacy can be significant, but the wider ramifications for a business can be much wider as criminals increasing target intellectual property, such as product designs and sales databases. Organisations also increasingly face serious regulatory consequences and financial penalties.

As the scale and nature of threats evolves, taking a reactive or piecemeal approach to cyber security is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Our broad expertise across risk management, IT security and governance means we are able to help organisations establish the processes and procedures in place to protect themselves.

We work with clients to develop a robust framework to drive the policy and processes to take a risk-based approach which enables them to anticipate and plan for changes and developments ahead.

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Security Architecture

Designing and architecting a secure solution is the very foundation of robust cyber security. Gemserv use their expertise to ensure security requirements are designed into the solution, not bolted on at the end of the development process. We stress the importance of ‘Security by Design’ which enables organisations to follow the ‘Defence-in-Depth’ approach.

Security Audit & Testing

Providing assurance that your organisation is secure is a key activity in achieving Cyber Resilience. Gemserv can simplify the audit process, and provide experienced testing expertise to ensure countermeasures and controls are operating effectively.

Cyber Resilience

Cyber Security is changing. Where focus was previously placed on preventing and detecting an attack, the shift is now towards Cyber Resilience: responding and recovering from an inevitable breach. Gemserv’s deep understanding of Cyber Resilience will ensure the impact of an attack can be minimised and operations can recover as quickly as possible.

Security Operations

Many organisations face the challenge of operating securely in a highly complex and unpredictable connected environment. Gemserv uses its comprehensive understanding of Cyber Resilience to overcome the challenges of operations security to reduce the risk of a cyber related incident.

Security Strategy

Defining your organisation’s Cyber Strategy and aligning it with business objectives are fundamental activities in increasing your Cyber Resilience and reducing the risk of a cyber related incident. Gemserv are experts in creating security strategies which are dovetailed with corporate goals and use their experience to develop Cyber Strategy as a business enabler.

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We work with organisations to achieve and maintain compliance across information and data security standards, ensuring the process has maximum impact by directly linking it to benefits for your business.

Our knowledge of compliance and governance also gives us the insight to see the ‘bigger picture’ across standards (current and those on the horizon). Being able to identify common strands across the many compliance standards and implement in the most efficient way to enhance business processes is where we can really deliver added value for your business. We can achieve this by combining methodologies across compliance standards so that the assessment, audit, ongoing management and communications become streamlined to minimise complexity and duplication.

By working in collaboration, we help develop an effective methodology to embed a robust and secure approach to data which becomes ‘business as usual’ for your organisation.

This approach means assessments don’t become a major drain on resources. Compliance with existing and future standards is achieved and maintained as your business grows or evolves to take advantage of new opportunities.


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