Making competition work effectively.


Good governance isn’t simply about laying down and enforcing the rules to make sure a market works – good governance is also about stimulating innovation and enabling change to benefit consumers.

Integrity is essential to make sure key regulatory decisions are made in an informed way and that stakeholders buy into them.

Finding the right balance between protecting consumers yet opening markets to new entrants is crucial, especially in areas such as energy, where technology is transforming the electricity sector into a smart system.

That’s where Gemserv’s expertise comes into play – we collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure regulated markets deliver the desired outcomes for policymakers, regulators and consumers.

Our governance services allow fair, dynamic and innovative market arrangements to be established, giving participants a voice in developing the policies and regulations that govern their activities and allowing everyone to compete on a level playing field.



MRASCo was established 21 years ago and the energy industry has come a long way since then.

Under the stewardship of the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) the lights have stayed on across the UK for over two decades and it will continue to play a key role in the development of the Retail Energy Code (REC).

Gemserv and MRASCo are proud to share our short documentary – SWITCH – which celebrates the successes of the MRA.

Our Scheme Management work.

Faster Switching.

With more than 34 million enquiries each year to ECOES, the electricity switching system, we are enabling and supporting faster switching.

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GB Smart Meter Rollout.

We are supporting the rollout of 54 million smart meters, placing control of energy consumption firmly in the hands of the consumer, reducing energy bills.

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Keep gas flowing.

We administer the Uniform Network Code for the Independent Gas Transporters, helping to harmonise and streamline the way they interact with each other.

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Getting smart meters connected.

If smart meters can’t connect to a Home Area Network (HAN) the Alternative HAN Company steps in to make sure those homes and businesses can still receive smart services.

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