Recent data breaches remind us all that the continuous threat of criminal hacking of cloud security systems are not abating. Rather, it’s becoming routine, Gemserv practitioners are equipped with a deep technical understanding of the principles of cloud security and are experts in the use of these principles in Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrasturcture as a Service (IaaS) environments and, the application of the Common Assurance Maturity Model and STRIDE Risk assessments.

Cloud computing has progressed at an unprecedented pace and has transformed the way in which businesses and governments work. The widespread adoption of IaaS and PaaS has had a profound affect on the way we process and interact with our data as we move out of the traditional on-site infrastructure environment and into the cloud. Migration to the cloud can present many opportunities for businesses and may provide cost and efficiency gains, but at the same time, bring about its own unique challenges. First and foremost of these challenges is security and data protection. Security policies, processes and best practices must also be robust enough to meet these new security challenges.

Security and effective data protection are essential for cloud success, and yet many organisations are unaware of cloud security best practices. Organisations with applications and data in the cloud must be confident with the security of these services, networks and architectures.


At Gemserv, our cloud security specialists can help you reduce your risks, enhance your compliance capability, and increase your peace of mind. Wherever you are in your cloud journey, Gemserv has security services to help you safeguard your assets and your reputation. We work with Microsoft Azure, the leading cloud service provider. This service provides a comprehensive set of security capabilities and when deployed correctly, can provide very robust and highly dependable cyber security. Gemserv assesses the suitability of these capabilities based on the risks that each organisation faces, resulting in a proportionate level of cyber security. Whether you are at the strategy, design, transition or operation stage of your cloud deployment, our cloud security experts can help you address the security challenges associated with cloud computing.

Gemserv recognises that the cloud is a business imperative. We understand that you want to remain agile and competitive but at the same time protect your critical information assets and infrastructure. We offer detailed knowledge of cloud security, data privacy laws and best practice including ISO 27001/5, EU-GDPR, HMG IA1&2, STRIDE Risk Methodology and CCSP (ISC2). We can undertake an assessment of your cloud provider using tools such as the CSA Star Self-Assessment Questionnaire (CAIQ) and the Common Assurance Maturity Model (CCM) from the Cloud Security Alliance. We will also provide an interpretation of Security Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR) cloud provider self-assessments. This allows us to determine the security posture of a cloud service and how it relates to your own specific assurance and protection requirements.

We can assist in aligning your information security strategy or program using best practice tools with cloud security requirements such as CAMM (Common Assurance Maturity Model).


Our approach will always tailor the requirements. Our Cloud Security practitioners work in partnership with clients in order to understand their specific business needs, and gain a deeper understanding of their strategic compliance and regulatory needs in order to tailor bespoke security solutions that are both robust and practical.

We work with SME’s to develop a detailed understanding of the make-up of in-scope systems, and use our extensive experience to propose any uplift to policy, software and operational processes to bring them in line with current industry standards and best practice. We collaborate with clients to create achievable remediation plans and can manage the delivery of necessary activity if required.

We have recently worked with a leading financial organisation in order to deliver a full range of cyber security services which included a cloud security risk assessment based on the Cloud Security Alliance Framework. During this engagement security controls were mapped against the CSA Common Assurance Maturity Model Control Matrix and a gap analysis with remediation plan roadmap was produced.

Understanding our clients’ business security needs requires a deep technical understanding of the current and future threat landscape. We understand that making the leap to a cloudbased business solution may present known and unknown risks. Gemserv can help you get a clearer picture of the risks involved and how they might be mitigated using best practice techniques.

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Security Consultant
Ian joined Gemserv in November 2018 as a security consultant.  Ian has over 28 years’ worth of experience in the... Read More From Ian Hirst

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