UK market innovator Gemserv has launched proposals to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs). A new industry-wide EV Governance Framework (EVGF) will help boost consumer confidence in EVs, address market failures and provide a forum to engage market actors, helping ensure the UK realises the full benefits of the EV revolution.

The consultation comes as pressure mounts on the UK to meet air quality and climate change targets.  Much of the UK has illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide mostly from diesel vehicles and last year the High Court ruled for the third time that the government has failed to produce a lawful plan to tackle air pollution.  Carbon emissions from transport must also be brought under control if the UK is to meet its climate change targets to reduce emissions by at least 80% of 1990 levels by 2050.

EVs have huge potential to help address these challenges, and the government has pledged that all new cars and vans must be zero emission by 2040. Yet only 2.2% of new registrations last year were ultra-low emission vehicles.

Trevor Hutchings, Director of Strategy and Communications at Gemserv, commented:

“The uptake of EVs needs to accelerate significantly for the UK to meet air quality and climate change targets. The challenges facing those in the market are complex and significant, and require sustained action in order to achieve a swift and viable transition to EVs.

Rather than relying on government intervention, this is an opportunity for industry to step-up and grip the issues holding back the EV market, and to reap the economic benefits from a world leading transition to low carbon transport.  We are calling on all organisations across the EV market to respond to our ideas and determine the best approach.”

The EVGF comprises common rules and standards – such as on smart charging and data sharing – to help the market operate more efficiently, championing innovation, and ensuring consumer protections and redress. It includes a digital platform powering a new marketplace, a compliance tool, and will be overseen by an industry-led forum, replacing the need for government to introduce prescriptive regulation.

You can also find out more by visiting of our dedicated Electric Vehicle Governance Framework page. 

**Our consultation on the industry-led EVGF has closed and our team is now working on analysing the responses received. As part of this work we will be producing and publishing a summary of responses, detailing how the information provided will be feeding into the development of the EVGF.**


Article Author.

Joachim Brandt

Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
With over 25 years of research and industry experience in telecom and energy, Joachim joined Gemserv leading on Smart Energy... Read More From Joachim Brandt

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