Gemserv welcomes the opportunity to provide views on the Retail Energy Code (REC) and code consolidation. This is a significant step in the evolution of the retail energy market, with the consultation addressing several proposals aimed at delivering a faster, more reliable switching regime.

We are encouraged to see that Ofgem and the RECCo Board are using new thinking regarding the role of the REC Manager and consolidation of traditional retail codes. In the context of the Government’s Code Review, ambitious market expectations and stretching decarbonisation obligations, energy governance will need to be more flexible and responsive, while continuing to provide value for money.

We are fully supportive of the ambitions for the REC. A best in class, consumer-centric and accessible set of rules, is fundamental to an energy sector fit for a digital age. There is considerable challenge in balancing the stability of tested systems and processes, while adapting to a new vision for energy services. However, this challenge must be faced, in order to give our energy consumers a level of service that they need and deserve.

We appreciate that a lot of ground is covered by this document and that early responses are sought for two areas: (i) the REC Manager role; and (ii) the Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS). This submission, therefore, includes our responses for the questions on those two areas only (see Annex below). We will provide a separate submission, later in the summer, that covers our thoughts on the remaining questions.

As always, if you have any queries or require clarification on any aspect of our response, I would be very happy to discuss this with you in further detail. Meanwhile, we will continue to support you and the programme, as we work towards the vision that can be realised in the REC and the consolidation of industry rules.

To read our full response, please simply click below:

Consultation Response – Switching Programme and Retail Code Consolidation: Proposed changes to licences and industry codes



Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can support you in your work, share our thoughts and ideas and answer any questions you may have with regards to our response.

Article Author.

Glenn Sheern

Head of Delivery Market Design
As the Head of Delivery Market Design, Glenn’s responsibilities include providing strategic leadership and direction for MRASCo, representing as ‘Head of MRASCo Code’ at MEC... Read More From Glenn Sheern

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