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Some organisations are required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) while others may be able to use existing compliance or risk functions to support their compliance. What the General Data Protection Regulation does mean is that organisations need to be informed about data privacy and other data protection laws. If a DPO is appointed, then they will be responsible for overseeing the organisation and its employees regarding their obligations as well as monitoring compliance. Activities should include: managing internal data protection activities, developing and maintaining a risk-based approach to data protection, training staff, being the first point of contact data subjects and supervisory authorities in all countries where individuals’ data is processed. Recruitment of a DPO externally (or the upskilling of existing staff to support the maintenance of GDPR compliance), is expensive, time consuming and a risk for many organisations.

By outsourcing to Gemserv, your organisation would not only be saving money but also have access to a wider range and depth of legal, technical and business expertise to support you in an effective, dynamic and cost-effective manner on all matters Data Protection. Organisations can have as much or little assistance as needed, from ad-hoc data protection queries to full responsibility for data protection and accompanying projects.

The options available are:

Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO);

Outsourced Data Protection Officer (oDPO); and

EU Representative (EU Rep).

Our Services.


Supports in-house personnel with
on-demand advice.

Can review contracts/policies/frameworks for data protection compliance.

Provides data security guidance and on-site compliance checks.


Acts as your statutory data protection officer.

Manages internal data protection activities, including data protection impact assessments.

Deals with subject access requests, data breach notification and supervisory authority investigations.

EU Rep

Serves as your contact point for data protection compliance in Europe.

Liaison with supervisory authorities, including for investigations and data breaches.

Manages subject access requests.

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