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The way we generate and use energy is changing, with the need to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change catalysing this market transformation.

New technologies and business models are driving economic opportunity, with growth in the clean energy sector rising at a higher rate than the economy overall. There is further disruption to come and this will again be characterised by a proliferation of data and rapid innovation, with the regulatory landscape struggling to keep up.

The growing adoption of electric vehicles and other market disruptors, like the latest developments in energy storage, will only accelerate as the UK looks to completely decarbonise its economy over the next three decades.

In a sector which is transforming at a greater pace than ever before, our experience helps clients navigate change and make the most of the opportunities.

Our insight and practical experience across energy, technology, connectivity and security helps clients make the most of an increasingly joined-up, smarter world.

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Our Capabilities

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