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Executive Leaders Network Data Protection & Privacy Conference 2019


14th November 2019




Madejski Stadium, Junction 11, M4, Reading, RG02 0FL

ExecLN’s Bi-annual Data Protection & Privacy Conference Q4 2019 for IT, Marketing, Security & HR

At the last Executive Leaders GDPR event in May the ICO said the big fines were coming… and they have. Marriott & British Airways have been fined a combined £300m over GDPR data breaches involving millions of customers personal information being compromised. Businesses now more than ever need to focus on improving their own security infrastructure and all other facets of protecting personal data in line with the GDPR to avoid facing similar penalties.

It is widely reported that over half of UK businesses do not yet appear to be fully GDPR-compliant, and many have de-prioritised their compliance efforts.

What to expect from the conference:

  • Hear about the ICO’s approach to fines during the first 18 months since GDPR implementation and what is next?
  • Learn from the many businesses who will be presenting their best Practices by Department focusing on IT, Security, Compliance , HR, Marketing and Finance.
  • A host of DPO’s will describe how the people in your organisation are always going to make mistakes or behave unexpectedly putting you at risk but what are the practical steps to further protect sensitive information and how to deliver it.
  • Preparing your breach response plan. How to best engage with the ICO after a breach. What should be reported and how?
  • Share and learn from others who are at varying stages of their Data Protection journeys.
  • Engage with a variety of suppliers helping with the key challenges.
  • And finally whatever happens on the 31st Oct Brexit deadline our suite of speakers will be on hand to describe if anything changes

Gemserv are pleased to confirm that they will be exhibiting at this event again and will be hosting a roundtable on Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising. This will be hosted by our Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Ivana Bartoletti and our Principal Data Protection Consultant, Samuel Plantié.

To find out more about the event, including how to register please visit the website below.

ExecLN: Data Protection & Privacy Conference 2019

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