Gemserv and MyUtilityGenius Commercial (MUGC) are awarded the role of Utilities Switching Service Provider

Gemserv is pleased to announce that, following a competitive tender process, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has decided to award Gemserv and its partner MyUtilityGenius Commercial (MUGC) the role of Utilities Switching Service provider. The Utilities Switching Service, including a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), will provide smaller public-sector organisations such as schools, doctor’s surgeries and charities with a simple, automated and easy-to-use online portal to find a better deal on their utility bills and switch electricity, gas and water suppliers.

CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services.

Alex Goody, incoming Chief Executive of Gemserv, said

“This contract offers us a fantastic opportunity to continue delivering our vision to make complex markets work for everyone’s benefit. With the public sector having to ensure it gets the optimum commercial benefit from every commercial relationship, saving money on energy and water bills is a simple way to ensure the delivery of efficient public services. We are excited to be working closely with our partners MUGC to develop a user-friendly portal that offers a real alternative for the public-sector buyer.”

Vip Amin, Managing Director of MUGC, said

“With our deep understanding of the energy industry and in house IT expertise, we have developed a portal to assist procurement of business energy. We are delighted to partner with Gemserv on our shared vision to use this portal as a basis to deliver a DPS for Utilities Switching Service to CCS that will revolutionise the utilities procurement to enable public sector to source these services competitively, efficiently and quickly. The need for a value based change underpinned by automation and simplicity in the switching of commercial products is long overdue, given that the energy market has been deregulated for nearly 20 years. We are excited to be on this journey and plan to roll out other utility related products in due course.”

Joe Ernst-Herman (Director of Utilities & Fuels) of CCS, said

“The new relationship with Gemserv and MyUtilityGenius Commercial to provide customers with a Utility Switching Services platform is an exciting digital development for Crown Commercial Service. This new service will give customers a straightforward and easy way to buy energy at the click of a switch and in the knowledge that they are getting competitive live energy rates.”

To find out more about the Utilities Switching Service please get in touch with us at:


T: +44 (0)20 7090 1022


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