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Gemserv Health Sponsors the All-Party Parliamentary Group For Longevity

The development of a National Strategy for Healthy Longevity aims to address key challenges of an ageing society  by putting people at the heart of solutions to create a more sustainable healthcare system. Gemserv believe in patient centred care and for this reason, have agreed to a 2-year sponsorship of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) For Longevity. The sponsorship includes both direct financial support for the programme, as well as expert advice in key areas such as the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and effective Digital Transformation of Health and Social Care services.

“How we address challenges and opportunities of our ageing population will define our healthcare systems for generations to come,” comments David Newell, Gemserv’s Head of Health. “It is clear to us at Gemserv that the current healthcare model and society’s expectation of it are unsustainable. Without a profound change from a treatment-based service to one that is generally more focused on wellness, and specifically on healthier, productive longevity, healthcare will become unaffordable and the quality of services will fail to meet public expectation.”

Gemserv look forward to working with the APPG, alongside fellow sponsors and contributors over the next two years to develop a robust and coherent strategy and action programme. The strategy will, by definition, have to address a wide spectrum of issues; from funding and prioritisation, education and society’s attitude to longevity, through to the accelerated application of science and technology. “Only with a holistic approach will we succeed in delivering measurable change by 2035.” concludes David Newell.

To read more about how Gemserv have worked with Health in the past, please click here.

To read more about APPG and their work towards patient centred care, click here.

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