Gemserv launches new platform – CodeWorks – to provide a digital solution to code management

Gemserv is proud to launch their code management platform, CodeWorks, which has been developed based on ClauseMatch technology to enable the digital transformation journey within the code management landscape.  The platform has been designed to tackle some of the challenges highlighted in various reviews conducted by the Competition & Markets Authority, Government and Regulator. While codes have served the industry well for over two decades, with advances in technology and digitalisation, there is an opportunity to modernise their use to encourage innovative business models.

The tool is designed to:

  • provide greater efficiency in delivering code services;
  • reduce supplier costs in running regulatory teams;
  • provide better access to codes, especially for new entrants;
  • reduce the cost to service; and
  • improve industry collaboration.

The CodeWorks platform has been built using Gemserv’s extensive sector knowledge and in conjunction with their partner – ClauseMatch – who have built technology to support regulated markets and help them work more effectively.

For the launch, Gemserv have successfully digitised the Smart Energy Code (SEC) (2000+ pages), a pivotal contract that sits at the heart of the smart meter roll-out. Parties can interact with code documentation, filter for information that is relevant to them and access previous versions of the code complete with all the changes made. This will save businesses and regulatory teams time, as well as make the code easier to understand.

Gemserv’s Director of Business Development and Consultancy, Jon Harley, stated that “we believe the launch of CodeWorks is the most tangible and exciting example of code digitisation to date and marks a significant first step in the digitalisation of the code landscape.”

By simplifying access to the codes, enabling new methods of collaboration and reducing the burden of administration on code participants, code managers can operate more efficiently enabling focus on what matters – driving improvements for consumers and the market. “We are delighted to be working in partnership with ClauseMatch and for the SEC, we were able to bring our expertise of code and the Energy market and configure a solution underpinned by the regulatory and technological expertise of ClauseMatch. We have already set out plans for phase 2 and 3 for the SEC and plan to roll these solutions out across other areas we work”, continues Jon Harley.

“Digitising the SEC using CodeWorks is the first step of a SEC wide programme to allow better access and more collaboration between SEC Parties, SECAS and the code documentation bringing efficiencies in managing and interacting with the code. As we launch CodeWorks on the sixth birthday of the SEC, this phase will allow parties to filter on specific obligations relevant to their Party type. Future phases will enable smarter working with collaboration on modifications allowing for virtual working groups and online assessments to demonstrate compliance with the code obligations. This combination should reduce the effort and allow for digital transformation of SEC Party processes which in turn enhance service delivery,”

Peter Davies, Chairman of SEC Panel.

“Today, regulation is extremely cumbersome and difficult both to implement and to change. Putting regulation into a digital format thus reflects a general tendency across many regulated industries. It is amazing how agile the energy industry is reacting to these challenges. We’re proud to be pioneering this much-needed change to the energy market in collaboration with Gemserv.” Evgeny Likhoded, CEO & Founder at ClauseMatch commented.

Whilst this is a welcome first step, the CodeWorks platform will go through a phased upgrade cycle between now and the end of the 2019/20 FY. This roadmap will add further functionality that we are excited to bring to market, including:

  • Q3 2019 – Modification functionality will be added allowing parties to request modifications to the code. These can be collaborated on and approved digitally.
  • Q4 2020 – Security assessment functionality will be added which will allow for self-assessments to be conducted through the portal. A fundamental step for any party wishing to demonstrate ongoing compliance to the security requirement to the SEC.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about CodeWorks or the work being undertaken by Gemserv please contact us at

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