Gemserv responds to the ENA’s Open Networks Project Flexibility Consultation

Gemserv welcomes the opportunity to respond to this Open Networks Project Flexibility Consultation. Overall, we broadly agree with the propositions brought forwards by the ENA and encourage the progress in making a transparent and flexible market.

Our response focuses on the need for granular data to be provided in order to make energy networks transparent. If there is a collective increase in the data administered by the government, energy providers, DNOs, and DSOs, there can be a higher quality outputted, which can be analysed and give greater insights to network flexibility. There also needs to be a better understanding of asset and service capabilities to ensure that the networks are not only flexible, but also secure and sustainable.

We support the need for non-traditional energy market participants to become engaged in providing feedback to the ENA in the future. There is opportunity for partnerships between technology-based companies and energy industry experts to share their views through this consultation process. The infrastructure for receiving feedback may need to become digitalised in order to increase this uptake and analyse the data that is gathered.

A summary of our key points are:

  • In order to achieve the transparency of networks, the granularity of data needs to be enhanced to give more meaningful outputs.
  • There needs to be timely visibility and access to market data in order to enable a real-time dispatch from participants.
  • To encourage future participation, entire platforms must be fully digitalised, to not only increase the engagement rate, but to also analyse the data provided.

If you would like read our full response please click on the below:

Open Networks Project Flexibility Consultation Response

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