Gemserv’s response to the Electric Vehicle Smart Charging consultation

With the view that most vehicles will be electric at some point in time, the embedded energy storage capacity in the electric vehicle parc creates opportunities for smart charging solutions and flexibility services if the consumer sees value in doing so.

There are many ways this can be achieved with or without smart metering.

At a time where 99.9% of the vehicles on UK roads are still 100% fossil fuel powered, it is perhaps too early to consult on smart charging specific implementation options as there are significant uncertainties around:

  1. Infra-structure choices and their respective costs,
  2. Commercially viable business models,
  3. Global trends and consumer behaviour,
  4. The anticipated rise of connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) that may have different charging needs,
  5. As well as potential changes to vehicle ownership due to the uptake of Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Current EV uptake figures do not suggest the view that there is urgency for the legislator to intervene in this nascent EV market which remains subject to fast moving innovation and change.

Market legislative intervention should be deferred to 2025 when the need for intervention should be re-assessed and a more informed decision-making process is possible.

A cross-sectorial industry view is essential for shaping smart charging infra-structure and services that will scale globally and will be instrumental in job creation and economic growth.

To read our full response, please click below:

Gemserv’s response to the Electric Vehicle Smart Charging consultation

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