GemTALK #2 – How to achieve Privacy by Design and Conduct DPIAs

Over the last few months, the GDPR’s focus on Privacy by Design has encouraged the development of various proactive measures – including designing operations to minimise the use of personal data, building-in consent mechanisms into online services, and facilitating user-centric applications and interfaces.

As requested from our first webinar, the second in our series, looked at the information security landscape, focusing on “How to achieve Privacy by Design and conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)”.

We hope this webinar unpacked how risk-based methods for Privacy by Design can be deployed, and provided you with a deeper understanding of the following topics:

Privacy by Design

  • Introduction to Privacy by Design
  • Principles for Privacy by Design
  • Privacy by Design Process
  • Examples: Data minimisation
  • Examples: PETs
  • Examples: Security by Design


  • Background to the DPIA process
  • Examples of DPIA assessments
  • Procedures for ongoing monitoring

We found the webinar was a good way of connecting with you all and we hope that you found the event engaging and informative.

Missed the webinar, we’ve got you covered!

If you missed the webinar you can now watch by accessing the link below. This link will also allow you to download the presentation and all of the Q&As.

Webinar Link


Question & Answers

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