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GemTALK Webinar: Data Retention [Post-Event Content]

GDPR is still very much in the spotlight.

We have seen supervisory authorities stepping up their roles, with heavy fines on BA and Marriott.

The Adtech sector has been put on notice, and citizens and customers are much more concerned as to what happens to their data. With this in mind you cannot afford to be ill-prepared.

This is why we, in our latest webinar discussed what elements should be contained in a data retention policy, which appropriate retention periods apply, and how best to incorporate processes for data deletion or destruction to ensure compliance.

We covered:

  • Conducting a data mapping exercises;
  • Governance and stewardship of data;
  • How to comply with data minimisation;
  • Applicable EU retention periods in various sectors; and
  • Processes for data deletion, destruction and archiving

We found the webinar was a good way of connecting with you all and we hope that you found the event, interactive, engaging and informative.

Missed the webinar, we’ve got you covered!

If you missed the webinar you can now watch the video, access the presentation and review the questions asked during the webinar by clicking on the links below:

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to our consultants to discuss how we can help you with data protection then please email the data protection team or speak to a member of the team on +44(0) 207 090 1091.

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