GemTALK Webinar: Digital Marketing in the Spotlight [Post-Event Content]

In 2018 and 2019, Data Protection Authorities in Europe including the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) have launched several initiatives around digital advertising with far-reaching consequences for all organisations.

The regulatory focus on Real-Time Bidding and AdTech with the introduction of new rules around the collection of consent for cookies and other tracking technologies confirm a shift of landscape for targeted advertising activities, not only for advertisers but also for publishers (i.e. website editors).

Today, most organisations have some form of digital advertising activities and work, to some extent, with advertisers. Very few organisations are able to conduct their own digital advertising campaigns from A to Z.

In out latest webinar, we presented and summarised the practical consequences for organisations using digital advertising.

We covered:

  • Cookies and other tracking technologies: dos and don’ts:
    • Tracking users online.
    • Which technologies are we talking about?
    • Cookie banners consent.
    • Cookie Walls.
    • Analytics.
    • What does a compliant cookie banner look like?
  • Digital advertising: many third parties and joint obligations:
    • The advertising industry landscape.
    • Consent in a chain of contracts.
    • Are you joint controller with Facebook?

During webinar we also mentioned that on the ICO website for reporting websites not using a compliant cookie banner. This link to this is:

ICO – report your cookie concerns

We found the webinar was a good way of connecting with you all and we hope that you found the event, interactive, engaging and informative.

Missed the webinar, we’ve got you covered!

If you missed the webinar you can now watch the video, access the presentation and review the questions asked during the webinar by clicking on the links below:

Webinar video



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