Harnessing data to improve health.


Technology is transforming healthcare delivery, with scans of a patient’s body and examinations of their genes enabling personalised medicine, making sure individuals get the treatments that work best for them.

These developments in medical imaging and DNA analysis produce vast amounts of data, which must be handled quickly and efficiently, and also stored securely.

Technology is also changing how patients access healthcare, shifting the focus from secondary care in hospitals towards primary care in doctors’ surgeries and accessing help at home thanks to telemedicine, harnessing remote diagnostics and artificial intelligence.

Our ageing population – with its associated longer-term illnesses and higher treatment costs – is leading to health and social services becoming more integrated, offering a joined-up approach to support patients, both inside and outside hospitals.

Gemserv’s expertise in working with the NHS, government and other stakeholders allows it to sit at the heart of this opportunity, harnessing its experience to identify and deliver step changes in how technology is used within the health service to deliver the large-scale projects that will make genuine differences to people’s lives.

Our Capabilities.

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Our Capabilities

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