Utilising technology across industry sectors.


Few sectors are untouched by the advance of technology, whether it’s the potential for driverless vehicles to revolutionise the logistics and transport market or construction and infrastructure companies enabling the sharing of data between buildings in smart cities.

The “internet of things” creates unprecedented opportunities to better anticipate and fulfil customers’ needs and to improve business processes and manufacturing operations.

Employing artificial intelligence and machine learning will further enhance customers’ experiences, while helping companies to manage costs and improve margins. Protecting data and repelling cyber attacks will be key to minimising the risks associated with these technological advances.

From providing assurance services to help construction firms better understand supply chain risks to developing cyber security strategies to enable financial services organisations to secure regulatory approval to operate, Gemserv has the knowledge and experience to help clients meet these challenges head-on and take advantage of the opportunities presented by data and technology.

Our Capabilities.

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Our Capabilities

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