Green Deal


The Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) are the Government’s innovative solutions to drive the uptake of energy efficiency measures.  The Energy Act 2011 includes provisions for the new Green Deal which intends to reduce carbon emissions cost effectively by revolutionising the energy efficiency of British homes.  The new innovative Green Deal finance mechanism eliminates the need to pay upfront for energy efficiency measures and instead provides reassurances that the cost of the measures should be covered by savings in the electricity bill.  The proposed solution is detailed and complex and includes a new financial payment mechanism, accreditation of the associated Green Deal participants, increased consumer protection and the provision of information to assist consumers in making an informed decision about investing in energy efficiency measures. As with all financial incentives that involve consumers, there needs to be a level of standard to ensure that both the consumers and the industry are protected.

Our Involvement

Gemserv has operated in the energy and environment sector for 14 years: working with Carbon Trust and DECC to deliver market-led projects; with regulators and government departments to deliver electricity and gas market opening and development in the UK, market opening and assurance in Ireland; Europe’s first cross- border energy market; Scotland’s pioneering competitive water market and others.  In respect of the Green Deal, Gemserv has been supporting DECC in two key areas:

  • Assistance with finalising the Green Deal Advice Standards for Assessors and Certification Bodies; and
  • Supporting the MRA in its role as the governance vehicle for the Green Deal Central Charge Database.