Smart Meter Device Assurance Scheme (SMDA)


Gemserv has been appointed as the Smart Meter Device Assurance (SMDA) Scheme Operator. Gemserv is tasked with establishing an independent assurance scheme to encompass interoperability and interchangeability testing for smart metering equipment. This scheme will provide assurance to consumers, suppliers and financiers that smart metering equipment will work effectively in a smart environment. The Scheme Operator has commenced a period of mobilisation including the development of test specifications and contracting with test houses.

“Gemserv and our partners, TÜV SÜD and Adeptica, are delighted to be awarded the role of SMDA Scheme Operator. We believe the SMDA Scheme will play a pivotal part in delivering the interoperability and interchangeability assurance that the energy industry needs to have confidence in the next generation of smart meters and related devices. We are very much looking forward to working with smart metering device manufacturers, energy suppliers and funders to develop a scheme that will be proportionate, robust and ready to serve.” David Thorne, Chief Executive, Gemserv.

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