PCI DSS, ISO27001 and ISO 22301 for Third Party Suppliers


Common requirements and the growing focus on third party supplier management Common requirements and the growing focus on Third Party Suppliers

The main mandatory and voluntary standards around information security each serve different purposes, but they have many common goals and requirements.

Awareness of areas of overlap can help organisations looking to achieve compliance with more than one standard and can improve information security, business continuity and resilience to incidents.

As companies increasingly look to focus on their core strengths and outsource processes to become more competitive, the issue of information security around third party suppliers has rapidly risen up the business agenda.

This issue of third party supplier management is an area which all of the aforementioned standards now look to address and understanding who potentially has access to your data, what they are able to do with it and the risks involved is vital.

Common requirements and the growing focus on Third Party SuppliersCommon requirements and the growing focus on Third Party Suppliers

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