A major milestone has been reached in the GB smart meter rollout with the first wave of ‘next generation’ devices achieving assurance under the industry-wide Smart Meter Device Assurance (SMDA) scheme. SMDA is an independent scheme which assures devices meet industry specifications while also ensuring those devices continue to work when customers change suppliers.

The meters and in-home displays were ‘early movers’ under the SMDA scheme which tests the latest devices for interoperability – the ability to interact with central systems – and interchangeability , which ensures devices can communicate and work alongside each other.

The successful assurance of the first batch of devices will see more manufacturers submit their devices into the scheme.

Chair of the SMDA Co Board, Martin Hanley, says it marks a significant achievement for a scheme which offers the benefit of independent assurance to manufacturers, energy suppliers and consumers alike.

“The assurance of the first devices under the scheme gives suppliers and meter asset providers (MAPs) confidence that the devices they are installing will work as expected, and help deliver the benefits of smart meters to consumers,” he explains.

With meters and in-home displays now starting to achieve assurance and others in the pipeline, Louise Singleton, Head of the SMDA Scheme Operator at Gemserv, says more manufacturers are now expected to come forward with more device submissions for assurance.

“We appreciate the close working relationship with our Early Mover manufacturers who have supported the testing to enable the first phase of meters to gain assurance. We’ve learned a great deal from the process which will help make the experience smoother and quicker for those manufacturers submitting devices for assurance in the future,” she adds.

SMDA testing offers industry and consumers confidence that their devices comply with the scheme requirements under the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS).

The SMDA tests have already demonstrated additional benefits by identifying problems that had not been picked up in other testing activity, enabling manufacturers to resolve issues before the mass roll-out of their devices. This could save significant time, cost and effort all round and provides a better smart metering experience for consumers.

For further information contact the SMDA Scheme Operator on or 020 7090 1000.


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