Market Readiness and Assurance

Key Aspects and Considerations

July 2015

The publication of the latest version of the Technical Appendices for the Market Architecture Plan (MAPv3) by Open Water in May 2015 marks an important milestone in the development of full business market competition in the English market, which is set to open in April 2017.

MAPv3 sets out the key design elements of the new market, and provides draft versions of the Wholesale Retail Code and the Market Arrangements Code which will underpin the new market operations. While there are a number of important elements of the market design still missing from the picture, including details of the licensing regime, the detailed specifications of central systems and the credit requirements for retailers to operate in the market, there is enough information for existing and new water company participants to drive out their implementation plans in more detail. Indeed, with less than two years to go before market opening, and assuming a shadow period of operation for the new arrangements, there is no time to waste in getting ready….

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