Our response to the Electric Vehicle Charging Consultation draws heavily from unique insights and energy market experience as a central code governance body spanning over 15 years across electricity and gas. Whilst we commend the government on their commitment to meet legal obligations and the electrification of road transport, we believe more needs to be done to achieve government targets and the associated benefits of economic growth and structural change as embedded in ‘The Road to Zero’. Gemserv welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation with a deep appreciation for the challenges that come with electric vehicle charging, the need to meet climate change and air quality requirements and the need for a prosperous low carbon economy.

You can view our full response below, but we would like to highlight three main points here:


  1. We believe that comprehensive coverage of EV public charge points is essential for the future growth of Wales’ business and tourist economy, and for the wider benefits of decarbonised road transport.
  2. Gemserv has engaged with over 30 organisations from across the EV value chain and formed the view that an industry-wide electric vehicle governance framework is required; and
  3. Based on feedback from two industry workshops held in collaboration with Energy UK, industry stakeholders are converging towards a consensus that an agile industry-led governance body is needed to deliver strategic oversight, best practice, innovation and novel products for the electric vehicle market.

To find out more and to view our complete consultation response, please click below.

Our Response To The Electric Vehicle Charging In Wales Consultation



Article Author.

Joachim Brandt

Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
With over 25 years of research and industry experience in telecom and energy, Joachim joined Gemserv leading on Smart Energy... Read More From Joachim Brandt

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