Our expert consultants help clients with projects across Strategy, Change Management and Programme Delivery.


Regulatory change, the impact of globalisation and rapid technology change are among the many strategic challenges we help clients address through forward and pragmatic thinking.

Our sector expertise across the energy, environment, smart, telecoms and water industries is coupled with practical experience of implementation and problem-solving.


All organisations are facing unprecedented change due to factors including the development of the legal and regulatory landscape along with the challenges and opportunities posed by innovation.

Taking a structured approach to ensure that changes are thoroughly and efficiently implemented to deliver enduring benefits is crucial. Whether it is the competitive opening of new markets or understanding how organisations should fundamentally restructure processes and procedures, we work closely with our clients to ensure that change is understood, embedded and easily monitored.


We have significant experience in developing operational processes and procedures for the efficient and effective delivery of national schemes and programmes. From the outset of any new programme, we work with clients to ensure development is in line with operational and business requirements with appropriate performance controls.

Consultancy expertise we have provided includes:

Smart Metering

  • Working within the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP) to provide technical design services and expert guidance on governance options for the Smart Energy Code (SEC)



  • Helping Three to develop its approach to a new recipient led mobile number porting regime