Market Design


Central market systems play a vital role in the efficient operation of the energy, environment, smart, telecoms and water sectors.

Gemserv has developed significant expertise in designing market arrangements, from the underlying systems to the governance and processes. We design, build, test and deliver markets which offer benefits including reduction of costs and removal of barriers to market entry.

We take a collaborative approach to working with stakeholders through all stages of solution design, architecture and build and test with work underpinned by the PRINCE2 project management system. Through the many projects we have been involved in we have demonstrated our ability to ensure stability during each stage of the process.

Our clients in market design include government departments, such as the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and regulators, such as Ofwat.

We also provide market assurance services to test new or existing energy suppliers against the obligations of a market in which they operate or seek to operate.