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We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the EV revolution for all market actors. The public policy benefits of electric vehicles – whether that’s cleaner air, reduced climate changing emissions, or a smarter electricity system – are at risk without further intervention in the market.

That’s the conclusion of two workshops comprising over 30 organisations from across the EV value chain, which were run jointly by Gemserv and Energy UK.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

The UK is legally committed to meet climate change and air quality targets which will only be achieved if fossil fuels are being phased out as part of the energy and transport system.

Gemserv’s Electric Vehicle Engagement Workshops are held in collaboration with Energy UK and supported by a wide range of stakeholders. Our aim is to enable cross-sector collaboration and a coordinated approach to scale up markets for consumers and business, to embrace the UK government’s target of all cars and vans being zero emission by 2040.

We will jointly develop an Electric Vehicle Governance Framework (EVGF) that will deliver the public policy benefits of electric vehicles, combined with proportionate legislation. This will provide a single point of reference for complex stakeholder interdependencies and drive a consensual approach to scale economic growth for evolving markets with global reach.

Downloadable version: EV Workshop Stakeholder timeline

EVGF: The Need for Governance to Provide Confidence and Certainty for Business and Consumers to
Embrace Electric Vehicles

As discussions have progressed over the 1st and 2nd EV Workshops, industry representatives are converging towards the view that an EVGF has a key role to play to enable the markets to achieve viable economic growth for all actors.

Gemserv has been tasked to develop an industry-wide consultation to facilitate an evidence based, cross-industry supported approach.

The EVGF will initially cover four areas, but will not be limited to:

Gemserv will be launching a cross-industry consultation to collect written evidence from a wider audience as a basis for the development of the EVGF.

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