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Data Protection, Information and Cyber Security is a board level issue more than ever before. Recent high profile breaches have demonstrated that a major incident could happen to anyone and it is no longer enough to simply comply with the relevant legislation and regulation. Given the major impact on organisations of breaches and incidents and the huge cost of reputational damage in today’s connected world, the way that organisations prepare for, react and communicate in light of a breach can be a critical factor in the success of their recovery.

It is generally agreed that security incidents are becoming increasingly common, and more complex, in part due to process errors, technical failures, or targeted attacks. In fact, 57% of respondents to a European Commission consultation said they had experienced Network Information Security (NIS) incidents in the past year.

The findings of the Annual Department for Business Innovation and Skills survey of information security breaches supports this outlook in the UK but shows that there is still work to be done as the number of incidents is expected to increase and 50% of the worst breaches were caused by inadvertent human error.

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