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From central government and local councils through to the police and other frontline services, the public sector is under increasing pressure to deliver ever-more efficient and tailored services, while keeping costs under control.

While the debate over the merits of public versus private delivery models continue, members of the public still want to access services at times and in locations that suit them best and fit into their wider lifestyles.

Giving access to public services online, utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up delivery, and tapping into the potential of the vast amount of data held by public bodies while maintaining privacy and security are among the opportunities that technology offers to the public sector.

Whether it’s enabling the roll out of smart meters throughout Great Britain or helping a major police service to handle its facilities management information securely, Gemserv has experience of developing and managing technology projects throughout central and local government and their agencies.

Working in the public sector involves handling highly sensitive data. Having the right partner to develop procedures and systems means information can be protected, while still opening up access to services that enhance people’s lives.

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Our Capabilities

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