A growing force in Ireland


Gemserv has been active in Ireland for more than a decade, and have set up an office allowing us to hire local consultants to deliver work.

Since our initial involvement helping establish the Single Electricity Market for Ireland and Northern Ireland – the first cross border market of its kind in Europe – we have gone on to play a key role in a number of major initiatives.

We have provided assurance services for the Retail Market Design Service (RMDS), covering key market events and new entrants, as well as working with the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) on the National Smart Metering Programme (NSMP). We have also carried out a number of consultancy projects for the Utility Regulator.

Backed by the expertise we have developed in other markets, Gemserv is well positioned to continue to play a key role in future developments across the utility and environment sectors in Ireland.

For example, the experience gained from work on the development and operation of the Green Deal in Great Britain is enabling Gemserv to make an informed contribution to the debate on plans to introduce a ‘Better Energy Finance’ energy efficiency initiative in Ireland.

We have also compiled a knowledge bank of literature dealing with numerous issues in the Irish market:

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