Making Smart Markets Work


Gemserv Services for the Smart Sector Web image-01The opportunities for businesses and consumers from the development of the Internet of Things in the years ahead will be staggering. By 2020, estimates suggest some 26 billion objects will be linked together through the internet, dramatically changing the way many sectors operate.

But there will also be significant technical challenges such as the need to ensure that devices from all manufacturers can communicate with each other.

Gemserv has experience of helping develop effective smart markets, which means we are well-placed to advise on ensuring products and services will successfully function.

In Great Britain for example, Gemserv have been appointed operator of the Smart Meter Device Assurance Scheme (SMDA) which will provide assurance to consumers, smart meter device manufacturers, suppliers and funders that equipment will work effectively in a smart environment. We also administer and provide secretariat services for the Smart Energy Code (SEC), the multi-Party agreement which defines the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other relevant parties involved in the end to end management of smart metering in Great Britain.

Our work will help provide confidence to all stakeholders that smart meters will provide the data required and that the technology will work regardless of which supplier a consumer chooses or switches to in the future.

We have also worked with the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in Ireland on the National Smart Metering Programme (NSMP).


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