Enabling effective competition in Telecoms


The communications industry in the UK continues to undergo radical change. The convergence of technologies has widened the role of telecoms providers and means effective competition is increasingly important for the development of the information society.

With Gemserv’s significant experience across other utility sectors we are well-placed to help ensure that the right processes, procedures and incentives are in place to deliver a successful market.

Our expertise in market opening and development provides us with practical experience of what has worked effectively elsewhere.

Gemserv’s work in the telecoms sector to date has included providing technical consulting to support Ofcom’s strategic review of switching fixed voice and broadband on the Openreach network.

As part of the consultation process, Gemserv delivered expert advice on the implementation  of different switching options with a high-level report.
Specific areas where our experience can offer benefits to the sector include:

  • Advice on switching, competition and processes
  • Development of codes of practice
  • Facilitation  of meetings
  • Consultancy, including governance and individual process development