Clear thinking in water


Gemserv has established a unique position in the water industry, drawing on both our experience in the water sector and broader background in energy to develop bespoke services and solutions to help clients at a time of significant change.

Since helping create the world’s first competitive water market in Scotland we have developed a wealth of knowledge across the sector.

Our key areas of expertise include the design and operation of industry processes, codes, multi-party agreements and systems required to support competitive retail markets. At a company level, we also provide compliance and strategic consultancy services.

As well as a team of water industry specialists, we also draw on our experience in other market sectors to provide bespoke process management support and solutions.

We work with clients throughout the industry from Government, regulators, trade associations and key stakeholders as well as most of the water companies. Services are provided on a project-by-project basis or through longer term consultancy arrangements and range from one-off staff training workshops to full market design and development.

Making the most of change

Gemserv is currently working with a number of clients across the industry in preparation for the challenges and opportunities arising from the opening up of the business retail market in England to full competition in 2017.

Our role in the development of the market in Scotland means we are well-placed to help ensure that people, processes and systems are both compliant and ready for the changes ahead.

As market opening approaches, we have been working closely with a number of water companies by offering strategic consultation and assurance services to enable and assist them in preparing for competition, and ensuring compliance.

Gemserv’s experience in the water sector includes:

  • Delivery and operation of the world’s first competitive water market in Scotland;
  • Cost analysis for a central IT system to support non-domestic competition in England and Wales;
  • Enabling the first business customer switch in the water market in England;
  • Review of introduction of the Central Market Agency (CMA) arrangements in the Scottish water industry on behalf of Ofwat; and
  • Launch of suite of Water Supply Licence (WSL) assurance products and services.