Security Considerations in an IoT Driven World

We are already becoming increasingly reliant on digital services and the digital economy. Soon, our homes will be “Smart”, our health and our environments will be monitored, as will our factories, cars, bicycles, hospitals and cities (and probably anything else you can think of).

A multitude of digital services will be available to enhance our lives, increase awareness of our surroundings and protect our environment. We will have autonomous systems governed by AI algorithms making decisions about us and many traditional roles will become obsolete whilst new opportunities are created. Transactions and smart contracts will be stored in the blockchain, and we won’t need trusted third parties. Our packages will be delivered by drone, and our cars will be electric, there will be hover boards, flying cars, the working week will be 4 days (and I probably still won’t get around to painting the spare room).

Realisation of these opportunities will require creation of new business models and development of appropriate services to support them; But as with any new technology, new opportunities come hand-in-hand with risks that we must bear in mind in order to build sustainable, trusted services.

[The challenge we have is by the time you’ve read this opening paragraph the future has snuck up behind you and tapped you on the shoulder]


The backbone of this digital world will rely on energy – without a means to power these digital services none of the above is possible. Combine this with the well documented challenges posed by climate change, we must supply the necessary power without reliance on fossil fuels.

This digital world must be underpinned by clean renewable energy, which in turn will require new technologies and services such as battery storage, demand side response and an intelligent automated smart grid network capable of efficiently balancing supply and demand. Energy will be provided by Virtual Power Plants, alongside more traditional renewable generation, to feed an efficiently managed smart grid in a beautifully orchestrated ballet of automation. A digital world needs smart energy. Without the ability to power our new digital world with renewable energy the future doesn’t look quite as rosy, in fact it looks pretty bleak.

Smart Metering is the first step towards a more energy efficient and intelligently managed power grid. Very soon we will see the mass introduction of Electric vehicle charging networks, local distributed generation, and demand side response and home energy management systems. These are all capable of autonomously controlling devices on the edge of the network to efficiently manage our energy usage and protect our environment.

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Security Considerations in an IoT Driven World

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