MORE than 100 staff at Gemserv have shared in 15% of Gemserv’s profits after a year of significant progress for the company.

Each employee, regardless of level or length of service, has received an equal financial amount under the new scheme which is part of a wider reward and incentive package.

The package has been developed at a time of significant growth for the specialist market design, governance and assurance service provider which works across the utility and environment sectors in the UK and Ireland.

Gemserv is currently recruiting for 15 roles with the potential for a similar number of additional roles in the pipeline to support significant new business wins.

Alex Goody, Director of Business Development, said the profit share scheme – which sees 15% of profits distributed – was introduced to attract, retain and reward staff.

“Gemserv is very much a people business and each member of the team plays an important part in helping us meet the needs of our clients,” explained Alex.

“While staff roles vary, we wanted to ensure everyone felt their contribution was equally significant and decided a profit share model where each employee receives the same amount would help achieve that.”

“We have ambitious plans for growth and ensuring staff are aligned with our aims and objectives will be key to our future success.”

In addition, staff have received further bonuses based on achieving company and personal objectives.

The profit share and bonus schemes are part of an innovative reward package which also includes laptops for all staff, remote working, flexible working patterns and the ability to buy or sell additional annual leave.

A number of career development initiatives are also in place to support and develop employees including secondments to broaden opportunities available to staff and empowering all staff to make informed decisions in their roles.

“The total reward package we have developed aims to reflect the fact that we have a relatively young, dynamic workforce who are looking for more than competitive financial rewards,” said Alex.

Rachel Hirst, 27 who joined Gemserv a year ago as a Bid Management Co-ordinator, said the profit share payout had made the difference.

“It certainly makes me feel my contribution throughout the year has been recognised and rewarded and I really like the fact that we all get the same amount regardless of our level or length of service in the company,” said Rachel.

Rachel said she also found the flexible approach to working life at Gemserv refreshing.

“The nature of my role means the workload is often not 9-5 but then if I need to come in later or leave early at times for personal reasons the company is very flexible which can be really helpful at times.”


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