Tony Thornton

Tony brings over 30 years of energy market experience, including the management of large customer contact centres, business change/architecture design, regulation/compliance, and consultancy, coordinating change across a wide range of stakeholder/client interests. He leads a specialist team of Principle Consultants and Consultants. He oversees industry strategic change, such as, impacts arising from Smart Metering, Code Governance Reviews and advises on market design work in support of existing and new market policies.

Tony is skilled at influencing key decision makers to effect policy change working across multiple regulatory jurisdictions (Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain), and his governance credentials include being a former Director of the Gas Forum and formally as Director/Company Secretary of the MRA Services Company (MRASCo). He currently personally chairs the United Kingdom Revenue Protection Association, and his work extends to facilitating a range of industry forums across such matters as metering, prepayment, energy theft, market codes and agreements.

He has a very successful track record of managing business risk and compliance within the energy markets, and negotiating change to reduce costs and improve service and is well grounded and expert at managing energy compliance and enforcement matters. As Head of Downstream Industry and Regulation for a FTSE 100 energy company, he led on a number of responses to significant regulatory investigations into company behaviour, and ensured that strategic business transformation programmes fulfilled ongoing compliance obligations (VAR in excess of £400m). As an Accounts Manager, he also managed operational customer contact centres, dealing first hand with the challenges and difficulties that energy consumers experience in the delivery of energy and metering related services.

He has successfully delivered a number of projects, including the design of bespoke business process solutions and customer data migration. His background as a Project Architect for large strategic projects (up to £10m), coupled with his strong stakeholder management skills, provides expertise in conceptual design, project start ups, ramp up, through to tender evaluation & selection.


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