Techerati: Ivana Bartoletti is on a mission to protect data privacy

Technology connects us to digital services that empower us and that remove friction our daily lives. But do you know where your data resides and where it has been circulated? John Bensalhia talks data privacy with Ivana Bartoletti, head of Gemserv’s privacy and data protection practice

Data privacy continues to raise a number of challenges in today’s online climate. As head of Gemserv’s privacy and data protection practice, Ivana Bartoletti has plenty of experience in this field. Ivana’s team of legal and security professionals supports organisations with their global privacy programmes, governance and privacy by design.

“The operationalisation of privacy is a crucial element of my work, as companies digitalise using big data, blockchain and AI,” says Ivana. “I also work a lot on ePrivacy, digital advertising and adtech, and frequently speak on privacy and ethics at conferences around the world and in the UK media.”

Ivana also co-founded the Woman Leading in AI Network to encourage more women into the technology sector and to take more of a proactive role in making AI-related decisions.

“We started the network as we realised we wanted more women in tech, as well as more women being involved in decisions on AI purpose,” explains Ivana. “We’ve just launched our manifesto and we will continue to mobilise politically to encourage the government to introduce agile regulation of AI. If readers wish to become involved they will be welcomed, as we believe that implementation of our 10 proposals in the AI industry is critical.”

Today’s key data privacy challenges revolve around the proliferation of smartphones and data collection points (homes, cars), the use of big data, and use of algorithms, says Ivana.

“These challenges mean that we need innovative ways to safeguard privacy whilst ensuring people enjoy the benefits of technology. As we operationalise privacy through developing privacy by design, areas like differential privacy are certainly key. In the future data privacy must be a feature by design, not an optional action for users to choose. This fundamental difference requires a change of mindset at every level.”

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You can catch Ivana speaking at the forthcoming Cloud and Cyber Expo on 12th March. To register simply click on the image below.


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